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Why Some 360's Fail to Deliver
Author: Ron Hiller l  Published Date: 2/2014 

The value of constructive and nurturing feedback is indisputable. Superlative achievement is almost always rooted in caring feedback from parents, teachers, coaches, and yes even bosses and fellow co-workers. Nobody climbs to the top of their game without some help from others and often that help comes in the form of constructive feedback. Unfortunately the higher a person rises in the organization the more insulated they become from receiving candid feedback that could put them in the winner’s circle.


Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

The above adage applies to our self perceptions. It suggests that we are often too absorbed with our self-perceptions to recognize our talents and short-comings, and even if we believe that we have a fairly accurate assessment of our strengths and weaknesses chances are that we are well off the mark. Leaders may perceive their behaviors as strengths while associates view them as productivity barriers.  We all need reality checks from time to time to help us recalibrate our internal guidance system.


The Value of 360 Feedback

The value of a 360 is to garner anonymous feedback from a circle of people who have a working relationship with you such as direct reports, peers, customers internal or external, and boss/bosses. Their perceptions are for all and intents and purposes their reality construct of you and that at the end of the day is what really matters. (Read Entire Blog)

Sometimes Feedback is a Bitter Pill to Swallow
Author: Ron Hiller l  Published Date: 8/2014
Avoiding unpleasant feedback is one of those paradoxical quirks of human nature. As rational human beings we instinctively know that we aren’t perfect although throughout our early life we have been taught and encouraged to strive for perfection, or ‘be the best we can be’.

The Early Days
During our youth we eagerly absorbed and embraced the endless suggestions and advice of the little league coach, teachers, and parents. As our childhood gave way to adolescence which morphed into adulthood advice from others became a bitter pill to swallow and the steady stream of feedback soon dried up.

The Emperor's New Clothes
The graduation, followed by a new job that blossomed into a new career validated us and our formula for success. Like the emperor in his new clothes we believed that we were as close to perfection as we were going to get. We just had to keep doing what got us here and life would be good.  (Read Entire Blog)
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