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The 80/20 Principle of Meetings

Author: Ron Hiller l Published Date 3/2013

How Are We Doing?

We have all attended those update meetings with our boss. Seated around a conference table with our peers, we each take our turn center stage sharing our progress toward our assigned tasks. Sound familiar? It should because this scenario is played out every day in every line of business. Let’s be clear. This update meeting is primarily about data gathering.
Where's the Data?

A leader needs current and accurate information to help formulate next steps and make informed decisions. It is also about harnessing the collective wisdom and synergy of the group to solve problems.  So why do these meetings tend to be excessively unproductive? Before answering this question let’s first take a moment to explore a participant’s activities leading up to the meeting, or as I prefer to call it the ‘Pre Meeting Crunch’.  (Read Entire Blog)

A Proven Recipe for Enduring Profits

Author: Ron Hiller l Published Date 5/2014

This is the story of two ten year old companies of about the same size and are steadfast competitors in the same industry, vying for market share and profitability.  Both share best marketing practices and they use the latest technologies to produce quality products and services at roughly the same price points.


These competitors are identical in every aspect except for profitability. One is consistently more profitable than the other, which begs the question “why”?


You could surmise that the more profitable company pays its employees less and therefore is more profitable but you would be wrong. You could theorize that the highly profitable company has fewer employees producing the same quantity of products and services as its less profitable competitor but once again you would be wrong.  


You may then speculate that the more profitable firm makes better hiring decisions, has tighter cost controls and superior leadership and you would be wrong once again.  And finally you may conclude that the poor performing company lacked a strategic plan and once again you would be wrong. The leadership teams of both companies always produced breakthrough strategic plans.  So why did one firm’s profits always exceed those of the other? Could the problem reside with execution of the plan and if yes why does one strategic plan crash and burn while the other takes flight? (Read Entire Blog)

Staying on Top of Your Numbers in a Push World

Author: Ron Hiller l Published Date 5/2014

Staying on top of your team’s numbers in this nanosecond world need not be a significant time burner. The Internet has revolutionized communications and given us a just in time pull model – information is pulled as we need it from anywhere.
Ironically many managers continue to rely on an outdated cumbersome time wasting push model for staying abreast of their team member’s updates. “Send me your latest sales figures for the month and the status of your top ten accounts” or  "Set aside every Monday morning for our weekly team's status update meeting".  (See the 80/20 Principle of Meetings

Push is Passé
Are you and other managers in your organization placing your trust in a static push process to stay abreast of mission critical dynamic activities related to sales, production, billing and other metric driven scorecard objectives?   
“If all you have is a hammer then the whole world begins to look like a nail.” So if your team's communication tools are limited to face to face meetings, phone conversations, email and attachments and hard copies then you and your people are spending more time on your communication process than you need to and less time on making the numbers happen.

The overhead spent by employees and managers emailing, copying, and printing performance updates back and forth is both staggering and unnecessary. A dynamic web based goal management approach relieves employees and managers from the tedious and ever present need to push mission critical information back and forth to each other. (Read Entire Blog)

Employees Without Goals are Overhead

Author: Ron Hiller l Published Date 7/2014

Six-Sigma Isn’t Employee Engagement

Employee engagement according to industry pundits is the current magic elixir to improve an organization's competitiveness. Continuous quality improvement, process re-engineering and six- sigma are designed to reduce costs, and improve the quality and quantity of output, but they don't inherently drive employee engagement. A well oiled process requires engaged employees. All processes are optimized only when employees are fully engaged. Nothing drives employee engagement like setting and managing goals and recognizing the achievement of goals. (Read Entire Blog)

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