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The Flawed Face of Hiring
Author: Ron Hiller l  Published Date: 11/16
Turnover according to HR and management pundits is enemy number one.

Turnover by definition casts a big net encompassing separations that include quits, layoffs and discharges, retirement and other separations such as reorganizations mergers and acquisitions etc. For purposes of this blog I am focused on those separations initiated by either the employer or the employee because the tenure journey was turning into 100 miles of rocky road.

In other words after the honeymoon the company or the employee knew this relationship would end up on the rocks. It would be just a matter of time. These separations are particularly painful, unproductive and emotionally draining so what if anything can be done to avert them and why do they happen at all?

First let me point out that some organizations very rarely have this issue and if that is the case then they are doing something right, but if this happens consistently and you are looking to fix it then I suggest you revamp your hiring practice. Why do I say this?

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All that Glitters, Is Not Gold!
Author: Ron Hiller l  Published Date: 4/14

When hiring a new employee it is best to default to the old carpenter's rule: "Measure twice cut once". Relying on an applicant's gilded resume, a token reference and best face interview is shaky ground on which to forge a productive full-time working relationship. Put more arrows in your recruitment quiver with testing and assessing.

Where Did We Slip Up?

We hear it all the time. "He interviewed so well, or she appeared to have all the skills and experience we were looking for but she just didn't fit in". A bad hiring decision is costly and exacerbated in smaller organizations.

Smaller is More Vulnerable

Ironically most large companies who are less vulnerable if a bad hire is made, use a battery of skills tests and assessments during the pre-hire stage to minimize hiring risks.

Unlike smaller companies, they won't experience any serious setbacks if a bad hire is made. Their stock won't go down, they won't have reduced merit increases for the coming year, or delay buying those new computers; but for a small manufacturer, financial services provider, medical practice or technology firm a few bad hires can be a huge setback.


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