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IFP’s online Employee Appraisal and Performance Management system called TalentPeak™ is an innovative, cutting-edge approach that improves manager and employee communication and feedback, and drives change and productivity.  


•Create a consistent streamlined performance management process to reduce administrative time and costs

•Identify top performers for retention, succession planning, and leadership development

•Increase productivity and revenue

•Align individuals, teams, and managers with the organization's business strategies

•Ensure everyone is measured against the same corporate standards and objectives

•Create empowerment, accountability, and alignment of coach, team member, and employer in performance development

•Draw a clear line of visibility between employee objectives, departmental goals, and corporate strategy

•Easily integrate with existing workflow, forms, and processes

•Increase participation in appraisals, self-assessments, and learning development

•Develop equitable, focused appraisals, and compensation decisions

•Improve manager and employee ongoing dialogue and feedback

TalentPeak Talent Management System

Managing performance is one thing, but improving it is another. TalentPeak will equip your review process with a unique blend of functions that will enable you to maximize, motivate and retain your organization's talent.


Our Learning Management System is a powerful compliment to the core Performance Management System (More.....).


TalentPeak Compass360™ delivers an unparalleled opportunity for employees to obtain targeted and high-quality feedback from Peers, Direct Reports, Managers and Customers (internal and/or external), with a view to improved working relationships, team synergy, job performance, and customer service. (More.....)


TalentPeak Summit Goal Management™ streamlines Goal Setting, Alignment and Management with its flexible hierarchy structure. (More.....)


Included with TalentPeak performance management is an optional Job Description Template Builder. Included at no additional costs, HR can easily create job descriptions and link them to competencies. (More.....)


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