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Know your candidates skill level prior to hiringIdentify training needs • Measure Training Success or Failure


IFP provides comprehensive, EEOC-compliant skills tests to measure essential knowledge and skills of an employee. Skills testing may be used for pre-hire and screening applicants or for employee promotion consideration. Skills testing can also be used to identify training needs and assists with determining the success or failure of a training program. The tests have been designed to help employers and staffing agencies worldwide hire the best people for the job, while reducing corporate turnover, increasing productivity, and improving overall job satisfaction. (Request More Information.....)


  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure you are hiring or selecting the right people with the required skills for the job
  • Raises the level of employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Get new employees off to faster start
  • Reduce training costs
  • Identify Team skills fit


Over 1000 Validated Tests Available

Software Skills                                         

Clerical Skills

Call Center Skills 
Accounting and Finance




Basic Skills 
Computer Literacy


Food Services 
Information Technology                          

Staffing and HR 

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