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Outsource your Employee Assessments with Our Full Service Option



IFP helps develop your company’s assessment strategy with our consultative services.


Our client support service will manage the total implementation and delivery of your assessments, scoring, report development, and manager training.

For organizations who wish to use our assessments, but are short staffed or use assessments and skills tests infrequently, employing IFP's service is a convenient and cost saving method to provide you with the reports and data you need to make an informed hiring decision. Out clients who often use our Full Service Bureau service have opted to do so instead of purchasing their own hosted assessment center. Please contact us if you wish to learn more! (Click here)


Our Assessments are varied, customizable and have easy to understand reports.(More.....)   There are no extra hidden costs when you use our services!


We offer a full line of assessments to help your organization select the right people and develop them to their full potential.


These include:


  • Pre-screening assessments that measure basic job-related skills or give you insight into an applicant’s work ethic, reliability and integrity
  • Customizable job-fit assessments to help you select and develop people in specific managerial, technical, sales or service jobs in your organization.
  • Four-quadrant type personality assessments for motivating and coaching employees, and resolving post-hire conflict and performance issues.
  • 360-Degree multi-rater assessments, used primarily to improve the effectiveness of leaders and managers in your organization.
  • Managerial and team-fit assessments to help improve alignment, interpersonal relationships, and workforce productivity.
  • Workplace engagement surveys to check the pulse of the organization and identify opportunities to improve employee morale and satisfaction.
  • Customer loyalty surveys to drive retention and growth.
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