Leadership Development and Organizational Consulting

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Areas of Organizational and Leadership Development

As an extension to our core disciplines, IFP provides specialty consulting services including Strategic Alignment and Assessing Your Organization

for High Performance


Principles of High Performance

Principles and methodologies that will enable you to achieve outstanding and sustainable results within your organization.


Examples of High Performance:

  • The strategy and direction of the organization are clear and guide day to day actions and decision-making
  • Members of the organization understand the business and are committed to getting results
  • People govern themselves by shared values and guiding principles rather than rigid policies
  • People are organized, when possible, into self-managing teams
  • Processes are streamlined and systems aligned to support the strategy and philosophy of the business
  • The role of management changes from controlling workers to creating an environment in which people can be most effective


Assess Your Organization for High Performance

Through our methods, you will learn a powerful framework to better understand your organization. The framework, known as the "transformation model" reduces the complexity of an organization to seven key elements that account for its success. These seven elements enable you to diagnose the current functioning of your organization and know where and how to make improvements.   

During the consultation and program we will:

  • Teach you how to use the transformation model by applying it to a case study.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the current performance of your organization.
  • Show you how to benchmark your organization in relation to others within your community/industry.
  • Leadship will develop a shared understanding of their greatest strengths and weaknesses.
  • Show you how to target and prioritize the top opportunities for change and to develop detailed improvement plans
Areas for Leadership Development

High Performance Leadership Training: From Control to Empowerment 

The High Performance Leadership training series teaches the critical skills and beliefs that a successful leader needs.

Program Objectives:

  • Understand the practices of empowering leaders
  • Commit to lead “from the balcony”
  • Find balance among the 5 leadership roles
  • Improve personal productivity and effectiveness
  • Understand the fundamentals of teams and leadership within a team environment
  • Establish clear performance expectations and develop the ability to confront poor performance
  • Become a leader who empowers others to success


Presented in 4 Web-Based Sessions:

Session 1: Empowering Leadership and Building Trust
Session 2: Eight Practices of Empowering Leaders 
Session 3: Leading Teams & Setting Expectations
Session 4: Empowering Others For Success



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