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A GREAT Combination


 IFP's Workplace Coaching is focused on employee development needs at any level of the organization. IFP's no nonsense pragmatic approach to coaching is aimed at unlocking the full potential of the client.

Why coaching in business today?  The need for innovation is endless. Business must keep reinventing not only their products and services and ways of delighting their customers, but also the way they organize themselves; communicate, coordinate activities; and stay current with changing technology, demographics, politics, government regulations, and competitive pressures.

Because of relentless downsizing and process reengineering efforts, the traditional relationship between the organization and employee has been irreparably changed. Consequently, even outstanding performers do not anticipate staying with one organization for their entire career and are always working with the knowledge, at least in the background, that their current position is temporary. Organizations have to find a way to retain such people as long as possible by providing both attractive compensation and a chance to continuously learn.

Coaching is a way of working with people that leaves them more competent and more fulfilled so that they are more able to contribute to their organizations and find meaning in what they are doing.

IFP's Workplace Coaching focuses on any employee's development needs at any level within an organization and in any industry.  

Our fact based empirical approach is to ground the coach-ee in reality. This starts by collecting and analyzing feedback of an employee's work associates, sharing this feedback with the employee, and developing a personalized action plan aimed at skill development and behavior modification where needed. 

What IFP's well-coached clients achieve:

  • Well-coached clients can observe when they are performing well and when they are not and will make any necessary self-adjustments independently of the coach
  • Well-coached clients will continually find ways to improve. They'll practice more, or they'll watch others perform, or they'll learn an activity that will strengthen them in a new way that improves their competence 


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Workplace Coaching
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Coaching Definition


Coaching loosely defined is a way of working with people that leaves them more competent, energized and more fulfilled so that they are more able to contribute to their organizations and find greater meaning in what they are doing. In short coaching is a method by which people are able to positively reinvent themselves.

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